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Fittings And Accessories For Lubrication Systems

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Valve Fittings and Wellhead Components - Parker Hannifin


fittings is for dynamic systems. A vast majority of systems where our fittings are used fall in this category. Most PGI business unit grease fittings are rated for 350 °F (176 °C). For systems with higher temperature requirements or sub-sea low temperature applications, consult the factory. Overview

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torque to hose end fittings. A complete set of tools and test equipment is essential for correct setup of CM fuel injection systems. Various combinations of these tools and equipment will be used for fuel system adjustment (depending on the engine model), to …

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U.S. Pipe TR Flex®


design dimensions. Push-on joints for such fittings shall be in accordance with ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.11. Restrained joint pipe and fittings shall be U.S. Pipe’s TR Flex Pipe and Fittings or approved equal. Restraint of field cut pipe shall be provided with U.S. Pipe’s TR Flex Gripper Ring, TR Flex Pipe field weldments or approved equal.


Owner’s Manual with Parts List - ingersollrand


The piping, fittings, air receiver tank, etc must be certified safe for at least the maximum working pressure of the unit Use hard-welded or threaded steel or copper pipes and cast iron fittings that are certified safe for the unit’s discharge pressure and …


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