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Robust rs 485 transceiver

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Controller Area Network (CAN) Implementation Guide


The ADM3053 is a fully isolated high speed CAN transceiver with 2.5 kV rms signal and power isolation. The ADM3052 is a 5 kV rms signal isolated high speed CAN transceiver with an integrated bus voltage regulator to use 24 V bus power (for example, as in DeviceNet applications). The ADM3051 is a nonisolated high speed CAN transceiver.

  Guide, Controller, Network, Area, Implementation, Implementation guide, Transceiver, Controller area network

Motor Control Systems and Design - Analog Devices


Devices offers a wide range of RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 transceivers to suit many applications . The RS-232 specification allows for reliable data transmission from one transmitter to one receiver at data rates of up to 20 kbps over relatively short distances (up to 50 feet) . On more recent RS-232 transceiver chips, data rates of up to 1 ...

  Devices, Analog devices, Analog, Transceiver

MAX13487E/MAX13488E Half-Duplex RS-485-/RS-422- …


MAX13487E/MAX13488E Half-Duplex RS-485-/RS-422-Compatible Transceiver with AutoDirection Control www.maximintegrated.com Maxim Integrated | 3 Electrical Characteristics (continued) (VCC = +5V ±5%, TA = TMIN to TMAX, unless otherwise noted. Typical values are at VCC = +5V and TA = +25°C.) (Note 1) PARAMETER SYMBOL CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX …

  With, Control, Transceiver, Compatible, 422 compatible transceiver with autodirection control, Autodirection

How Far and How Fast Can You Go with RS-485? - …


The RS-485 Standard The original ANSI/EIA/TIA-485-A-1998 standard was approved in March 1998 to address the shortcomings of RS-232 and RS-422. RS-485 is a bidirectional, half-duplex standard featuring multiple "bused" drivers

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