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The past continuous exercise

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The Past Continuous Exercise at Auto-English


www.autoenglish.org Written by Bob Wilson ©R obert Clifford McNair Wilson 2007 The Past Continuous Exercise SUBJECT + WAS/WERE + VERB + ING

  Exercise, Past, Continuous, The past continuous exercise

Passive exercise 2 4C Complete with the PRESENT SIMPLE ...


Rewrite the sentences in passive voice. Present Continuous 1. Sheila is drinking a cup of tea. - 2. My father is washing the car. - 3. Farmer Joe is milking the cows.

  Exercise, Continuous

Pictures of English Tenses - Brain-Friendly


1 The “BIG PICTURE” 2 ‘To be’ & ‘To have’ 3 ‘To go’ & ‘To like’ 4 Present Simple 5 Present Continuous 6 Present Simple / Continuous

  English, Tenses, Continuous, Pictures, Pictures of english tenses

Connecting past and present 2 - businessenglishonline.net


1 06 You are going to hear eight phrases.Listen and repeat. 2 Translate these short texts taken from the Internet into your own language.Remember not to translate word for word, but rather to make it sound natural. tasks VerB teNses 33 6 Connecting past and present 2

  Past, Present, Connecting, Connecting past and present 2

Unit Present continuous and present simple 1 - Assets


Cambridge University Press Martin Hewings Excerpt More information

  Unit, Simple, Present, Continuous, Unit present continuous and present simple

Grammar Challenge - BBC


© British Broadcasting Corporation 2007 Grammar Challenge Present Perfect Continuous Practice activities

  Present, Continuous, Perfect, Present perfect continuous

INSPIRATION 2 Worksheet 2 - Macmillan


1 Complete the table with the correct past form of be. Now make the sentences negative. Now make questions. I wasn’t using my mobile phone at 8pm.

  Worksheet, Past, Inspiration, Inspiration 2 worksheet 2



Preface Quality Control and Healthcare Today As we enter the new millennium, healthcare organizations are facing new challenges and must continually improve their services to …

  Quality, Improvement, Continuous, Continuous quality improvement

Exercise Treatment for Major Depression: Maintenance of ...


Exercise Treatment for Major Depression: Maintenance of Therapeutic Benefit at 10 Months M ICHAEL B ABYAK, P H D, JAMES A. B LUMENTHAL, P H D, S TEVE H ERMAN, P H D, P ARINDA K HATRI, P H D, M URALI D ORAISWAMY, M D, K ATHLEEN M OORE, P H D, W. E DWARD C RAIGHEAD, P H D, T ERI T. B ALDEWICZ, P H D, AND K. R ANGA K RISHNAN, M D Objective: …

  Exercise, Treatment, Maintenance, Benefits, Major, Therapeutic, Depression, Maintenance of therapeutic benefit, Exercise treatment for major depression

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