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The Firearm Safety Certificate (or FSC) Study Guide, as ...


Understand the safety aspects of your firearm; 2. Carefully read all instructional material (for example: the owner’s manual from the manufacturer); 3. Enroll in a firearm training course; 4. Clean and repair your firearm regularly. If you clean or repair your firearm yourself, always make sure your firearm is unloaded and

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always keep this manual with your firearm. include it with the firearm when it changes ownership. warning: firearms can be dangerous and can potentially cause serious injury, damage to property or death, if handled improperly. the following safety rules are an important reminder that firearm safety is your responsibility.

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I. The Fundamentals of Firearm Safety - Handgunlaw.us


Safety Rules Related to Your Firearm. 1. Make sure your firearm is in good mechanical condition before firing it. Periodically have your firearm checked for signs of erosion, cracking, or wear by the factory, by a qualified armorer, or by a factory certified gunsmith. 2. Never try to fire a gun which may have a plugged or partially obstructed ...

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Information for Pennsylvania Firearm Purchasers and Basic ...


Always keep the firearm unloaded until you are ready to use it. Always be aware that safety devices can (and sometimes do) fail. Always make sure the firearm is in safe operating condition before using it. Always use ammunition designed for use in your firearm. Always be sure of your target and what lies behind it.

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Your conviction was from a justice, city or magistrate court. Contact that court for further information. You were convicted of a “dangerous offense” under A.R.S. § 13-704 and wish to restore your firearm rights. You were convicted of a “serious offense” as defined under A.R.S. § 13-706 and wish to restore

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Police units or the office of your State Attorney General for information on any such requirements. Please note that if a private person wants to obtain a firearm from a private person who resides in another State, the firearm will have to be shipped to an FFL in the buyer's …

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Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License Application ...


training document that evidences your competency with a firearm. See the instructions for Question 6 in Section II below for further details. • You must not have a DISQUALIFYING CRIMINAL RECORD or other condition that would make you ineligible for licensure.

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Firearm Safety Certificate - California


P . r e f. a c e. Firearm safety is the law in California. Every firearm owner should understand and follow firearm safety practices, have a basic familiarity with the operation and handling of …

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Firearm Transfer Application - Wa


Firearm Transfer Application DEALER: This form must be completed in full and TYPED. 1. Send by the close of business day to the appropriate Chief of Police . or Sheriff for background check. 2. Send within 7 days after delivery of the firearm to the applicable. address. Select the type of application you are sending:

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