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SPENCER Texas Instrument - ULTIMHEAT

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COMMERCIAL THERMOSTATS. 9900 SERIES. CONTROL PLUG AND CORD ASSEMBLY. FEATURES cleaning when the plug is removed. The plug may also be Push Pull Action provides clean switching, assuring used with several other appliances. reliable, safe operation W e l d e d Parts adds rigidity and long life The external plug assembly is molded from tough, Highly Sensitive to temperature change (response 5 phenolic resin. Very little heat is conducted, maintaining times mercury thermometer) the plug assembly at a cool temperature and never hot Excellent Contact Life to the touch. Calibrated and Designed to Customer's Requirements Calibration of the thermostat is set to match the group of appliances to which the thermostat is applied.

COMMERCIAL THERMOSTATS 9900 SERIES CONTROL PLU ANG D COR ASSEMBLD Y FEATURES • Pus Pulh Actiol —n provides clea switchingn assurin, g reliable, saf operatioe n


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