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STENTOFON SDK. API APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACE. QUICK START GUIDE A100K10674 Table of Contents 1. About this Terms and Related Publication 2. API General DLL Licensed Communication with the alphacom E Remote Connecting to the alphacom Data Protocol message Event Application Sending commands to alphacom API custom OnCustomParameter 11. OnCustomString 11. Comparing the two OnCustom 11. OnCustomParameter Intercom station Mail Call Connect Call Cancel call Call Method to send ACDP Other available events and 3. SDK Connection to the Station selection and Station Connection to the Station selection and Call Zenitel Norway AS and its subsidiaries assume no responsibilities for any errors that may appear in this publication, or for damages arising from the information in it. No information in this publication should be regarded as a warranty made by Zenitel Norway AS.

Page 4 API - STENTOFON SDK A100K10674 V.2.0 2. API DESCRIPTION 2.1. General Description STENTOFON AlphaCom E is a powerful communications exchange

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