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LAUDA Measuring Instruments

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LAUDA Measuring Instruments Analysis of oils, Viscometer, Tensiometer polymers and plastics LAUDA Measuring Instruments Overview Viscothermostats Proline Proline thermostats of the PV and PVL series are specially optimized for viscometry. The PV thermostats are particularly suited to high-temperature applications of up to 230 C. High-quality insulated PVL thermostats can be used in applications as low as -60 C. Viscocool and Viscotemp NEW. Offering a good-value alternative in the temperature range up to 105 C are the visco- thermostats, which come optionally with transparent baths of the ET series or stainless steel baths with insulated glass panes of the Viscotemp series.

LAUDA Measuring Instruments Viscometer, Tensiometer Analysis of oils, polymers and plastics

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