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(Sonbahar Dönemi) 17 EYLÜL 2017 - ÖSYM

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L me, Se me ve Yerle tirme Merkezi YABANCI D L B LG S . SEV YE TESP T SINAVI. (YDS). NG L ZCE. (Sonbahar D nemi). 17 EYL L 2017. Bu testlerin her hakk sakl d r. Hangi ama la olursa olsun, testlerin tamam n n veya bir k sm n n Merkezimizin yaz l izni olmadan kopya edilmesi, foto raf n n ekilmesi, herhangi bir yolla o alt lmas , yay mlanmas ya da kullan lmas yasakt r. Bu yasa a uymayanlar gerekli cezai sorumlulu u ve testlerin haz rlanmas ndaki mali k lfeti pe inen kabullenmi say l r. 2017-YDS Fall/English TEST OF ENGLISH. This test consists of 80 questions. 1-6: For these questions, choose the best word or 4. expression to fill the space. 1. 5. 2. Without artificial fertilisers and pesticides, there would not be enough food grown on Earth to satisfy our needs, even with equal ---- of agricultural output. A) recognition B) deterioration C) distribution D) fluctuation E) reduction DO RU CEVAP: C. 6. 3. 1 Go on to the next page. 2017-YDS Fall/English 7-16: For these questions, choose the best 9.

2017-YDS Fall/English In 1517, the Italian physician Girolamo Fracastoro was probably the first person ---- that fossils are animal remains; however, it was not until the

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