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Ontario Place Corporation

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Ontario Place Corporation 2016 - 2018 Business Plan Year - 2016. Issued: September 6, 2016. Table of Contents Page Executive Summary 2. Agency Accountability 4. 2015 Highlights 6. 2015 Business Plan Commitments 7. 2016 Strategic Directions 8. Environmental Scan 10. Business Operations 11. General Manager's Office Corporate Services Branch Operations and Infrastructure Branch Sales and Event Management Services Branch 2016 Operational Initiatives 21. 2016 Human Resources Plan 23. 2016 Financial Plan 25. 2016-18 Capital Plan 28. 2016 Goals and Performance Measures 29. APPENDICES. A. Organization Chart 30. B. 2016 Fee Schedule 31. GLOSSARY OF COMMONLY USED ACRONYMS. OP Ontario Place OPC Ontario Place Corporation GM General Manager FTE Full-Time Equivalent measure of staff numbers POD(s) One or more of an original site feature comprised of a five pod pavilion complex over the water MTCS Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport ( Ministry ).

Ontario Place Corporation 2016 - 2018 Business Plan Year - 2016 Issued: September 6, 2016

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