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Sunday, March 20, 2016 Pre-Trial Test / Sheep Event ...

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Sunday, March 20, 2016 Pre-Trial Test / Sheep Sean Hathaway Event 2016115201 Start time: 8:55 Finish time: 10:20. Herding Test / Sheep Sean Hathaway Q 220 Ryder's Solo Tour NA NAJ "Tesla". DN33320901. Start time: 8:00 Finish time: 8:40. 02/05/2012 Bitch. Collie (Smooth). Breeder: Melanie Robbins and Mitchell Collins. By CH Crispin After Midnight - CH Kings Valley Ryder Nick of Time PT OA AXJ NF. Owner: Melanie Q 200 Mello-D's Brass In Pocket "Chrissie". PAL256452. Robbins 01/26/2011 Bitch. Collie (Rough). Breeder: Bob Jones. By Score: Q. Emperor's Afterhours Alignment - Emperor's Aligning Angel. Owner: Babbie Dilbeck, DVM Q 221 CH Afterhours Citizen Soldier HT "Truman". Score: Q DN40329701. 08/06/2014 Dog. Collie (Smooth). Breeder: Carole Stanley & Amy Buboltz. By GCH CH Headline's Solider of Light - Q 201 Qualteri Lazurite True North Island Dream "Skye". CH Afterhours Sands of Time. Owner: Sandra Reuter & Guenter DN41629302. 12/13/2014 Dog.

116 Rosehaevens Alpine Guardian CD RA NAJ NF HSAs PT HT HIC CGC "Ranger". DN36961301. 05/06/2013 Dog. Collie (Rough). Breeder: David Magers & Kathryn Neil. By Pleasant Acre Thunder Storm - Rosehaeven's Garden Gate.

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