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XBOX REPAIR GUIDE - Adrian Callaghan

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Page 1 of 87 WARNING!!! KEEP YOURSELF AND YOUR xbox SAFE! First of all if you have not opened your xbox and you are having problems, think about using your warranty if it s still covered. If you open the box it will invalidate your warranty. CONTENTS WARNING!!! Keep Yourself and Your xbox SAFE! page 2 DVD REPAIR page 3 Determine the manufacturer of your xbox DVD drive page 4 Determine Version of xbox page 6 xbox Power Supply Compatibility page 7 Power Supply Failure page 8 Convert a PSU to a page 9 xbox Version Detection page 11 xbox Version Detection (Step1 Image1) page 13 Cleaning your xbox DVD drive page 20 Crack open that xbox page 24 Removing the xbox Front Panel (AKA bezel/face plate) page 29 Thomso

Page 2 of 87 Warnings Read the warning labels on the case and internal components Microsoft puts those there to indemnify from responsibility because it …

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