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912 Series dumptrucks. - Hydrema

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912 series dumptrucks . 912F 912FS 912HM. A unique combination of Key features 10 tonne articulated compact dumptruck. articulated center pivot, Superior off road performance. wide wheels and high ground Low machine weight - low ground pressure. Simple to operate, very safe and robust. clearance - for superior Well suited as a rental machine. off-road performance. Low fuel consumption - Idle-stop. Also available as a rail machine. Hydrema (UK) Ltd North Yorkshire, HG4 5NB. Barker Business Park Phone: 01765 641940. Melmerby Green Road, Melmerby Email: Technical Data. Chassis Engine Hydraulic system Articulated chassis with center pivot, and Cummins QSB stage 4 with DOC and Hydraulic pump with 84 L/min for tipping two double acting hydraulic stabilizers. SCR catalyst with AdBlue additive. 16 valve and steering. Priority valve for steering.

912F 912FS 912HM 912 Series dumptrucks. A unique combination of articulated center pivot, wide wheels and high ground clearance - for superior

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