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Special Report 05/2021: Infrastructure for charging electric …

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EN 2021. 05. Special Report Infrastructure for charging electric vehicles: more charging stations but uneven deployment makes travel across the EU complicated 2. Contents Paragraph Executive summary I-IX. Introduction 01-13. Electricity at the forefront of alternative fuels in road transport 01-07. The EU's response to the chicken-and-egg' problem 08-13. Audit scope and approach 14-18. Observations 19-69. Despite more charging stations and harmonised plugs, the uneven deployment of charging Infrastructure means travel across the EU in electric vehicles is not easy 19-41. There are no clear and coherent EU-wide charging Infrastructure targets 20-24. The Commission has been unable to ensure that national plans are consistent and coherent from an EU perspective 25-28.

The Green Deal refers to an estimated 13 million zero and low-emission vehicles on European roads by 2025. In its 2020 Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy 6, the Commission set a milestone of at least 30 million zero-emission vehicles by 2030 and to a largely zero-emission vehicle fleet by 2050, a significant increase on the roughly

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