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117-R90 Commentary on Standard Specifications …

*Chairman during initial developement of this documentCopyright 1990, American Concrete rights reserved including rights of reproduction and use in any form or by anymeans, including the making of copies by any photo process, or by electronic ormechanical device, printed, written, or oral, or recording for sound or visual reproduc-tion or for use in any knowledge or retrieval system or device, unless permission inwriting is obtained from the copyright proprietors. ACI Committee Reports, Guides, Standard Practices, andCommentaries are intended for guidance in planning, design-ing, executing, or inspecting construction and in preparingspecifications. Reference to this document shall not bemade in the Project Documents.

TOLERANCES. 117R-5. 2.5— Concrete 2.5.1 Where the specification has specified slump as a maximum, the project specifications should provide for the


  Standards, Specification, R90 commentary on standard specifications, Commentary




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Transcription of 117-R90 Commentary on Standard Specifications …

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