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2 Sortable Charts: CAT FOOD - NUTRITIONAL …

2 Sortable Charts: 1) Google Drive (2 tabs - Data and Notes) 2) Extensive filtersCAT food - NUTRITIONAL COMPOSITIONData compiled by Lisa A. Pierson, DVM Typical nutrient analysis data provided by the respective companies Wet only - no dry food is listed 2017 PrintCaloric DistributionThe print version above has many blank areas because I am waiting for data to come in. I will be adding to it over %FAT %CARB %mg PHOSPHORUS/100 kcalsCALORIES per oz unless otherwise notedRequest for DonationsWelcome to the updated food Chart! Over the past five years, this chart has helped countless cat caregivers navigate the wide array of cat food choices but now I am asking folks to pay it forward to help homeless cats & kittens that are less fortunate than the ones with a roof over their head and someone to love and care for them.

NOT RECOMMENDED Compiling the Chart The following is a list of companies that were not forthcoming with TNA data for their products. Given that there are plenty of …


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Transcription of 2 Sortable Charts: CAT FOOD - NUTRITIONAL …

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