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2017 PARTS LIST - Tohatsu

2020 PARTS LISTDer tages forbehold for evt. trykfejl. Ligeledes forbeholdes ret til ndring i pris og konstruktion, uden yderligere Name101-00121-0 Oil Seal 20-35-758,43121-32071-0O-RING65,72121-33 159-0 GASKET17,04121-35143-0 Clip24,35122-35083-0 RUBBER MOUNT34,08126-00121-0 Oil Seal 30-45-890,07128-02605-1 Spacer ,64151-00053-0O-Ring ,04151-00053-1O-Ring ,08151-07021-0 Gasket ,04151-31021-0O-Ring ,24151-32001-0O-Ring ,08151-33159-0 Gasket Combination Gauge34,08151-35002-0 Clip Fuel Gauge Pipe26,77152-01612-0 Gasket ,04171-00053-0O-RING58,43172-36008-0 Grommet 13-238,95174-35012-0 COLLAR46,25176-32545-0O-RING29,21178-341 47-0 Band Lead Wire 20026,77194-39057-0 Fuse (10A)31,641E0-09104-0 Rubber Oil Tank204,481E0-36056-0 Hook Cover34,081H2-31534-0 Band Lead Wire 30031,64301-00122-0 Oil Seal B Crank Shaft111,97301-61021-0 BUSHING99,80301-63012-0 Grip Steering Handle99,80301-64215-1 CLUTCH484,43301-64217-0 PIN19,48301-66023-0O-RING19,48301-66024- 0 Stopper Cam Shaft Bushing46,25301-66024-1 STOPPER36,52301-66025-0 GASKET17,04301-66136-0O-RING19,48302-000 11-0 PISTON RING138,76302-00014-0 PISTON RING ( O/S)221,52307-05003-0 RATCHET104,68307-05004-0 STARTER SPRING221,52307-05006-0 FRICTION PLATE60,85307-05007-0 FRICTION SPRING38,95307-05011-0E-RING17,04307-050 12-0 RETURN SPRING38,95307-05013-0 STARTER ROPE121,72307-05019-0 STARTER HANDLE102,24307-05021-0 SPRING COVER31,64307-05027-0 THRUST WASHER24,35307-05104-0 REEL202,04307-62100-0 Handle Clamp Screw428,44307-62116-0 Was

2017 PARTS LIST Price are subject to change without notice. Please contact Tohatsu Parts Center for parts number not listed. Parts


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Transcription of 2017 PARTS LIST - Tohatsu

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