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2021-2022 PLANNER FOR 10 WEEKS

2021-2022 PLANNER FOR 10 WEEKS . WEEK SUBJECT TOPIC SOURCE. 1 English FOREIGN WORDS learn/revise from the black Black book / Purple book /. book/sheets. Solve questions from the black/purple Previous years Papers/. books. Solve all foreign words questions from previous 1000 GMAT RCs. year papers and from the mocks. Write them together in a register and revise again. PRONOUNS and SVA revise rules from class notes/. black book. To redo these classes, watch (video). Solve questions from the black book. Try and take free tests on these topics online CR CRITICAL REASONING WITH FOCUS ON ASSUMPTIONS, Verbal Ability Black Book /. CONCLUSIONS, STRENGTHEN AND WEAKEN THE 1000 GMAT CR. CONCLUSIONS.

RC - 1 PARA + RC – LONG – FACT BASED – select short and long passages. Minimum 4 passages at a time. ... Maths Concepts of Alligation and Mixtures Past Years AILET Questions based on Percentage, Profit Loss, SICI, Ratio, Averages and Alligation ... Sports / Awards / Obituaries / Appointments etc. Class Notes, Class Sheet


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