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2021 ANNUAL REPORT . TEXTRON'S DIVERSE Textron is known around the world for its powerful brands of aircraft, defense and industrial products that provide PRODUCT PORTFOLIO customers with groundbreaking technologies, innovative solutions and first-class service. TEXTRON AVIATION BELL INDUSTRIAL TEXTRON SYSTEMS. Citation Longitude Bell V-280 Valor Tracker Off Road 600 Ship-to-Shore Connector (SSC). Citation Latitude Bell-Boeing CMV-22 Osprey Blast-M Arctic Cat Aerosonde HQ. Beechcraft AT-6 Wolverine Bell 360 Invictus E-Z-GO Liberty RIPSAW M5. Beechcraft King Air 360 Bell 407 GXi Jacobsen Eclipse 360 ELiTE CottonmouthTM. Cessna SkyCourier Bell 429 Kautex Fuel System ATAC's Mirage F1B.

2 Textron 2021 Annual Report Textron 2021 Annual Report 3 U.S. 69% Europe 11% Asia and Australia 9% Other 11% Textron Aviation 37% Bell 27% Industrial 25% Textron Systems 10% Finance 1% Commercial 74% U.S. Government 26% TOTAL REVENUE BY SEGMENT TOTAL REVENUE BY TYPE TOTAL REVENUE BY REGION U.S. 69% Europe 11% Asia and …






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Transcription of 2021 ANNUAL REPORT

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