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a Voltage-to-Frequency Converter 3 V/5 V Low …

FUNCTIONAL BLOCK *FEATURESS ynchronous OperationFull-Scale frequency Set by External System Clock 8-Lead SOT-23 and 8-Lead MSOP Packages3 V or 5 V OperationLow Power: 3 mW (Typ)Nominal Input Range: 0 to VREFTrue 150 mV Capability Without Charge Pump VREF Range: V to VDDI nternal V Reference1 MHz Max Input FrequencySelectable High Impedance Buffered Input Minimal External Components RequiredAPPLICATIONSI solation of High Common-Mode VoltagesLow-Cost Analog-to-Digital ConversionBattery MonitoringAutomotive SensingGENERAL DESCRIPTIONThe AD7740 is a low-cost, ultrasmall synchronous Voltage-to-Frequency Converter (VFC). It works from a single V to V or V to V supply consuming mA.

functional block diagram buf vdd clkin ad7740 vin fout 2.5v reference voltage-to-frequency modulator gnd clkout clock generation refin/out x1 a ad7740* features


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Transcription of a Voltage-to-Frequency Converter 3 V/5 V Low …

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