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A I E A A L A M OA N A K A N E O H E K A I M U K I. MEAT APPETIZERS. Pork Kimchi $ Beef kimchi $ Char siu w/Oroshi Ponzu $ Japanese Arabiki Sausage $ Chicken Karaage $ Korean Fried Chicken $ Fried Gyoza $ CHAR SIU W/OROSHI PONZU. SEAFOOD APPETIZERS. Ahi Poke $ Spicy Tuna Wraps $ Ahi Katsu $ Avocado Maguro $ Fried Calamari $ Fried Garlic Shrimp $ Sakamushi Butter Clams $ AVOCADO MAGURO. AHI POKE AHI KATSU FRIED GARLIC SHRIMP. VEGETABLE APPETIZERS. Mushroom Medley $ Edamame $ Ichiriki Salad $ Tofu Salad $ Tataki Cucumber $ Nori (Roasted Seaweed) $ Kimchi $ French Fries $ MUSHROOM MEDLEY. Step 1: Choose your broth The foundation of all our broths is our homemade Dashi which is made and simmered to perfection daily. Paitan Pirikara Ichiriki Classic Premium (add $3). Ichiriki Tomato Angry Goma Tom Yum Soy sauce base Hearty tomato blend Spicy habanero Hot & sour Thai base broth (very spicy). Pirikara Yuzu Kosho Miso Spicy soy sauce base Peppery citrus base Paitan Special blend of Japanese red w/garlic & red peppers Creamy pork broth base & white miso Ginger (Kyozakura & Saikyo Miso).

Please be careful. The burners, pots, and broths are very hot. Cook your meat, seafood, and poultry thoroughly before eating. Please ask your server if you have any concern regarding allergies.


  Amano, Ala moana




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