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Amadeus Quick Reference Guide January 2006. The information in this Guide includes functional updates up to 01 January 2006. 2006 Amadeus Global Travel Distribution All Rights Reserved. Edition Job Number: 1576. YOUR USE OF THIS DOCUMENTATION IS SUBJECT TO THESE TERMS. You are authorized to view, copy, or print the documentation for your personal use only. None of the Amadeus data included in the documentation may be sold, transferred, redistributed, retransmitted, published or commercially exploited in any way without the express advance written permission of Amadeus . This documentation is provided on an AS IS basis and Amadeus does not warrant any maintenance or support in using this documentation. This documentation is protected by copyright and is the property of Amadeus . You acknowledge that the documentation is the valuable intellectual property of Amadeus and that if you use, modify or distribute the documentation for unauthorized purposes, you will be liable to Amadeus for any damages it may suffer.

Amadeus Quick Reference Guide 4 Edition 8.0 Amadeus Itinerary 159 Amadeus Fax 163 Amadeus Email 167 Amadeus Queues 171 Amadeus Security 181 Amadeus Service Fee Manager 189






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