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2 0. AM E RI C A N A S S O CI A TI O N O F CL I NICAL ENDOCRINOLOGIST S. AM E RI C A N CO L L EG E O F E ND O CR INOLOGY. AA C E/A C E C O M P R E H E N S I V E. 1 9. TY P E 2 DI A BE T E S. MAN AG E M E N T A L G O R I T H M. COPYRIGHT 2019 AACE MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED IN ANY FORM WITHOUT EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM AACE. DOI TABLE OF CONTENTS. COMPREHENSIVE TYPE 2 DIABETES MANAGEMENT ALGORITHM. I. Principles for Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes II. Lifestyle Therapy III. Complications-Centric Model for Care of the Patient with Overweight/Obesity IV. Prediabetes Algorithm V. ASCVD Risk Factor Modifications Algorithm VI. Glycemic Control Algorithm VII.

DYSLIPIDEMIA If statin-intolerant Intensify therapies to attain goals according to risk levels Assess adequacy & tolerance of therapy with focused laboratory evaluations and patient follow-up






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