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0 ARTS 0 RICE "OOK. See rks n A irwo rica s Ame bor Rate La 6. age 2. on P. &OR FAST SERVICE OR TO ORDER PARTS CALL.. 0/ "OX 3 OPHIA 76 . &AX. WWW AMERICANAIRWORKS COM . %FFECTIVE 3 EPTEMBER n *UNE . 3 3 USAN 3T 3 ANTA !NA #! .. 0 RICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE . WWW SURVIVAIR COM. Table of Contents SURVIVAIR Authorized Warranty Service Centers .. ii TwentyTwenty Plus HUD-Compatible Facepiece and TwentyTwenty Plus Facepiece ..1. Puma Hood ..3. TwentyTwenty Facepiece (Only Available as Spare Facepiece) ..5. Classic Facepiece ..7. Panther/Cougar MightyLight Backpack, Heads-Up Display (HUD) ..9. Panther/Cougar/SECOBA/Panther LO-PRO MightyLight Backpack (Discontinued) ..11. Panther/Cougar MightyLight Backpack, Australian ..13. SIGMA/OMEGA/SECOBA/LO-PRO MightyLight Backpack (Discontinued) ..15. Panther/SIGMA Classic Backpack (Discontinued).

ii Survivair Authorized Warranty Service Centers 2006/2007 U.S.A. Alabama NorthAmerican Fire Equipment,Co.,Inc (NAFECO) 1515 W. …




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