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第一集教材 - ananedu.com

1 Farm Animals Peggy Ruth I. Introduction 3 min II. Body 20 min A 10 min unit 1 What do you see It s a _____ A What a boring holiday is B Really, I think so A Let s do something fun B I miss grandma s fried chicken so (open big eyes) Let s go to grandma s yard! (A&B walking randomly) B Who is he? A He is Uncle B Uncle thinking A He is a very kind farmer and has a lot of farm animals. Sure, Do you see that guy over there B : Yes, I do. He is Uncle MacDonald, isn t he? A: Yes, he is. How about going to visit him? B Nice! What a big farm is! A What can you see in the farm? B I can see a dog. (arf ) dog d-o-g Please repeat after me.

2 (B)內容(10 min) 【unit 2:How many cows are there? There are ____ cows.】 A:Ruth, the country yard is quiet and the air is so fresh. It makes us feel easy.






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