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Ancient Book of Gad the Seer - Biblefacts.org

Ancient book of Gad the seer Referenced in 1 Chronicles 29:29 and alluded to in 1 Corinthians 12:12 and Galatians 4:26. By Ken Johnson, I felt this work is so important that I wanted to put my translation of the text itself into public domain. The Ancient book of Gad the seer , text with commentary and charts, is still copyrighted. For complete studies, commentaries, books and DVDs of this and other important scrolls visit: and 2 Contents 1. The First Vision .. 3 2. The Second Vision .. 10 3. The Moabite .. 13 4. David, the Wise Judge .. 15 5. The Fire-Angel and the Philistines .. 17 6. David s Covenant .. 19 7. David s Sin of Counting .. 20 8. David s Sermon .. 25 9. King Hiram of Tyre .. 28 10. Psalm 32 11. Psalm 34 12. David s Death .. 36 13. Tamar .. 38 14. The Great Tribulation .. 44 Chapter 1 3 1. The First Vision 2923 AM, 1002 BC 1In the thirty-first year of King David s reign in Jerusalem, which is the thirty-eighth year of David s reign, the Word of the lord came to Gad the seer in the month of Iyar, near the stream of the Kidron Valley, saying: The Cry 2 Thus says the lord : Go, be courageous, and stand in the midst of the stream, and cry in a great voice: Tarry and hasten, tarry and hasten, tarry and hasten, for there is still a visio

4 7“Seer, seer, seer, these are four mixtures that confuse the people of the LORD. 8For the impure and the pure have been mixed, and then impurity took control over purity; a …


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Transcription of Ancient Book of Gad the Seer - Biblefacts.org

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