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Audrey Mullender Catherine Humphreys www.rip.org

research in practice makes strong connections between practiceand research to improve outcomes for vulnerable children andfamilies, and the capacity of policy, services and professionals torespond to their needs. Established in 1996 as an initiative of theAssociation of Directors of Social Services, it has bases at Dartingtonand Sheffield and has become the largest childcare researchimplementation project in the in practice acts as a catalyst for the use of evidence toimprove children and family services. It works intensively withmember agencies in social services departments and largevoluntary organisations and with associate members among socialcare, health and education agencies and service user in practice is a developmental network.

Children and domestic violence: a research overview of the impact on children Catherine Humphreys and Audrey Mullender research in practice www.rip.org.uk


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Transcription of Audrey Mullender Catherine Humphreys www.rip.org

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