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Beyond Higher Certificates @ Unisa

Beyond Higher Certificates Unisa A complete guide to preparing yourself for career opportunities Define tomorrow. How will this brochure help me? 3. Overview of Unisa qualifications 3. What Higher Certificates are available? 5. Which Higher certificate should you choose? 15. Reflect on where you are 16. The application process outlined 19. How to make a career and related study choice: Identify opportunities with career research 20. Further ways to do career research 21. 1 Online search 21. 2 Occupational information websites 22. 3 Job-search portals 23. 4 LinkedIn 24. 5 Talk to others (informational interviewing) 26. 6 Attend a careers fair event 27. 7 Experience studying topics related to your field of interest 27.

Beyond the Higher Certificate Higher Certificate in Insurance (90013) Economic and Management Sciences The typical learner who will enrol for this Higher Certificate will either be employed by short-term insurance companies and insurance brokers. This course will specifically fulfil the Insurance Institutes' requirement for membership on a general


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