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Bhatia s Battery of Performance Tests of Intelligence: A ...

Roopesh: Bhatia s Battery of Performance Tests 289 Indian Journal of Mental Health 2020; 7(4) Review Article Bhatia s Battery of Performance Tests of Intelligence: A Critical Appraisal Roopesh Additional Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bengaluru. Corresponding author: Email ABSTRACT Bhatia s Battery of Performance Tests of Intelligence, is one of the popular Tests of intelligence in India. Despite some of its limitations, such as that it has norms only between 69 to 131 IQ points, that it is standardized only on boys who are 11 to 16 years of age and it is developed in 1950s, the Battery still is one of the favourites among many psychologists. Some of the positives which psychologists attribute to it are: that it is a Performance test and can be easily administered to language incompatible/delayed subject; that it is easy to administer and score; that the test interesting and due to which elicits good cooperation among subjects; and it has separate sets of norms for people who are literate and people who are illiterate.

in 1950s for ages between 11 to 16 years. The battery yields the overall Intelligence Quotient (IQ) based on all the 5 subtests and Performance Quotient (PQ) based on the 4 performance tests (BD, PA, PD and PC). The test’s IQ as well as PQ range is relatively restricted and range between 69 to 131 [1]. It is probably one






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Transcription of Bhatia s Battery of Performance Tests of Intelligence: A ...

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