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BoatUS Foundation

Copyright Foundation BoatUS FoundationEmergency Preparation Chapter 5 WorksheetWhen is the best time to go over emergency procedures with the crew? (MULTIPLE CHOICE)a) The evening before while at dinnerb) As you are loading and packing suppliesc) After everyone is aboard and paying attentiond) Just prior to an emergency so it s freshWhy is a pre-departure checklist important? List some of the things that are on your pre-departure checklist that is unique to your boat and your boating activity ( , secure the sunshade, etc.) ) _____b) _____c) _____d) _____ Check all of the important things you should do if your boat capsizes. Add any things you might do in order to increase your chances of survival and a rapid recovery. (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY)_____ Remain calm and conserve energy_____ Start swimming so you don t go down with the ship_____ Immediately take a head count_____ Look around to get your bearings_____ Yell and scream for help to come quickly_____ Ensure all crew members have a life jacket_____ Grab anything that floats, like a cooler_____ Light a flare under the boat in the air pocket_____ Stay with the boat so you can be spotted_____ Try to start the engine and put it in reverse_____ Signal for help, but save flares for when someone is in sightFill in the blanks to remind you of a few things you should do in order to recover someone who has fallen overboard.

Copyright BoatU.S. Foundation BoatUS Foundation Emergency Preparation – Chapter 5 Worksheet When is the best time to go over emergency procedures with the crew?


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