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Burbank Benge Instrument Survey - …

Burbank Benge Instrument 2/10/19 at 8:42 AMPage 1 of 28 Joe Lill: 773-612-3449; LFinishSourceDate ofmostrecent infoBell:StaffLogoYorNBell:SizeS(4 5/8")or L(4 3/4")& ModelBell:FlangeS(3/4")orL (1-1/8")Receiver:SingleorDoubleLine,Doub leRings,or noneBoreMarkingLocation:leadpipeside,bel l sideor noneBellModelMarkingLocation:ferruleor none1st ValveSaddle/Trigger?Y or NAlterationsAnecdotalComments1705 BbLSilverDaveNorman12/12/17 YSLD oubleLinesBellNoneYReconditioned by Zig by David Cannon from FredCirksena, who had sold it toDavid L. Parrish. Cirksena repurchasedfrom Parrish in May 2014. Cirksenaacquired it from John owned by Al BallancoNew Orleans on Ebay in October, 2017;purchased by DN in December 5/8"LDoubleLinesBellNoneNLower tuning slide measures like amedium-large bore trumpet (.)

Burbank Benge Instrument Survey www.musicbyjoelill.com/benge Revised 8/13/18 at 8:29 PM Page 3 of 27 Joe Lill: 773-612-3449; trptjoe@aol.com Serial


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Transcription of Burbank Benge Instrument Survey - …

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