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Bureaucracy is constraining democracy in South …

Bureaucracy is constraining democracy in South african schoolsMARIUS SMITL ecturer, Faculty of Education, North- West Province University1 INTRODUCTIONF ollowing the first democratic election in 1994 and the establishment of a constitutional democracy ,1 South african society has been undergoing a fun-damental transformation. In education, democratisation has been formalised with the redistribution and extension of power to local school governing bodies with the removal of centralised control over certain aspects of edu-cational The directive principle in section 4(m) of the National Education Policy Act3 contains the democratic requirement that the national Minister of Education must ensure broad public participation in the development of the education by including stakeholders in policymaking and governance in the education South african Schools Act5 (hereafter the Schools Act )

74 LAW, DEMOCRACY & DEVELOPMENT The transformation of the South African Education system has brought a spectrum of dilemmas …


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