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Centrifugal Inline Fans - Greenheck

Centrifugal Inline fans Models SQ and BSQ. Direct and Belt Drive . May 2013. Models SQ and BSQ. Centrifugal Square Inline Duct fans Table of Contents Standard Construction Features .. 4-5 Typical Installation ..14. Vari-Green Motor & Control Options .. 6-7 Model Number Code ..14. Options and Accessories ..8 Direct Drive.. 15-23. Filter Options ..9 Belt Drive .. 24-45. Discharge Configurations.. 10-11 Specifications.. 46-47. Mounting Options..12 Quick Delivery ..48. Isolators ..13 Our Commitment ..48. Greenheck Fan Corporation certifies the model SQ.

3 Models SQ and BSQ Centrifugal Square Inline Duct Fans Greenheck’s model SQ and BSQ centrifugal inline fans feature a unique combination of installation flexibility,


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Transcription of Centrifugal Inline Fans - Greenheck

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