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1. Chapter 14, Harris CRYSTAL SETS TO SIDEBAND Frank W. Harris 2010, REV 12 Chapter 14 VACUUM TUBE RECEIVERS AND TRANSMITTERS The transmitter described in this Chapter uses the most ancient VACUUM tube technology I could, while still sounding pretty good on the air. Some of the parts I used were rare and unobtainable as new parts. However, if you can t find similar components at local swapfests, you can always buy them on-line. It s also possible to substitute more modern VACUUM tubes that are still commercially available. How old can you go? I got a huge kick out of building the spark gap transmitter and crystal set receiver . My only regret was that I couldn t use them on the air.

3. Chapter 14, Harris If tubes are so easy, why did my first two transmitters fail? I’ve always been curious why my first two home-built transmitters did not succeed 53


  Chapter, Tubes, Receiver, Vacuum, Chapter 14 vacuum tube receivers and




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