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CHAPTER CH 2APTER1 - San Jose State University

34 CHAPTER12 CHAPTERT heoreticalPerspectiveson HumanBehaviorEli za beth D. Hu tchisonand Leanne WoodChar lesworth34 Key IdeasCaseStudy:IntergenerationalSt ressesin th e McKinleyFamilyMu ltiplePerspectivesfor a MultidimensionalApproachSystemsPerspecti veConflictPerspectiveRati ona l Choi ce PerspectiveSoci al ConstructionistPerspectivePsy ch odynamicPerspectiveDeve lopmentalPerspectiveSocialBehavioralPers pectiveHumanistic PerspectiveThe Meritsof Mult iplePersp ectivesImplicationsfor SocialWorkPracticeKey TermsActive Lear ningWeb Res ourcesCHAPTEROUTLINE35 Chapter2 The oreticalPersp ectiveson Hum an BehaviorOPENINGQUESTIONS What theories are ne ededto understandthe multipledime nsionsof pe rs on, environment, andtimeinvolvedin humanbehavior? What criteriashould socialworkersuse to eva luatetheories of humanbe ha vior?KEYIDEASAs you readthis cha pt er, tak e noteof thesece ntralidea e systemsperspectivese es humanbehavioras the outcomeof reciprocal interactionsof per -sonsoperatingwithinlin ked social e conf lic t perspectivedr aws attentionto con flict,inequalit y, dominance,and e rationalchoi ce perspectiveseeshumanbe ha vioras basedon se lf-interest and ra tionalchoices abouteff ec tive ways to e soci al constructionist pe rspectivefocuseson howpeopl

Chapter2 TheoreticalPerspectivesonHumanBehavior 35 OPENING QUESTIONS • What theories are needed to understand the multiple dimensions of person, environment, and


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Transcription of CHAPTER CH 2APTER1 - San Jose State University