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Child Custody and Parenting Time Forms - Michigan

Custody AND Parenting time Forms form Number Individual may use these Forms to represent themselves in the following: Link 1. FOC 87- motion regarding Custody A court action to change or modify an existing Custody case. Notice must be given to the other party or parties that a hearing has been schedule on the motion filed with the court. The following form must be used: 2. FOC 88- Response to motion regarding Custody Responding to the FOC 87 which would change or modify Custody . 3. FOC 89- Uniform Child Support Order and Order regarding Custody and Parenting time After a hearing in response to FOC 87, an Order regarding Custody that must be filed with the court Notice must be sent or given to the other party or parties that the order is being filed with the court.

FOC 65 –Motion Regarding Parenting Time To request parenting time (if a custody order is in place) or modify an existing parenting time order. ... Motion Regarding Parenting Time In responding to the FOC 65 which would establish or modify parenting time.


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Transcription of Child Custody and Parenting Time Forms - Michigan

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