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Citizenship Laws

United States Office of Personnel Management Investigations Service Citizenship laws of the World IS-1. March 2001. CONTENTS. INTRODUCTION AND GENERAL INFORMATION - Pages 3 through 8. Introduction - Page 3. Structure of Directory - Page 3. Reading a Country Entry - Page 4. General Information on Dual Citizenship - Page 6. United States Citizenship Information - Page 9. COUNTRY LISTINGS - Pages 11 through 219. Nations Of The World (listed alphabetically). SUPPLEMENTAL RESOURCE INFORMATION - Pages 221 through 228. DEPARTMENT OF STATE. CONSULAR SERVICES and DESK OFFICERS. TELEPHONE NUMBERS: African Region - Page 222. Central and South American Regions - Page 223. East Asian and Pacific Regions - Page 224. European and Canadian Regions - Page 225. Near Eastern and South Asian Regions - Page 226. Other Countries and Territories - Page 227. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS. INTERNATIONAL LAW DIVISION. ADDRESSES AND TELEPHONE NUMBERS: Law Library, Reading Room - Page 228.

3 Introduction and General Information INTRODUCTION This directory provides synopses of the citizenship laws for most of the world's countries. We obtained information for this directory from embassies, the Library


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Transcription of Citizenship Laws

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