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CODEMUNICIPALITYCOUNTY0101 ABSECON CITYA tlantic County0102 Atlantic city CITYA tlantic County0103 BRIGANTINE CITYA tlantic County0104 BUENA BOROA tlantic County0105 BUENA VISTA TWPA tlantic County0106 CORBIN city CITYA tlantic County0107 EGG HARBOR CITYA tlantic County0108 EGG HARBOR TWPA tlantic County0109 ESTELL MANOR CITYA tlantic County0110 FOLSOM BOROA tlantic County0111 GALLOWAY TWPA tlantic County0112 HAMILTON TWPA tlantic County0113 HAMMONTON TOWNA tlantic County0114 LINWOOD CITYA tlantic County0115 LONGPORT BOROA tlantic County0116 MARGATE city CITYA tlantic County0117 MULLICA TWPA tlantic County0118 NORTHFIELD CITYA tlantic County0119 PLEASANTVILLE CITYA tlantic County0120 PORT REPUBLIC CITYA tlantic County0121 SOMERS POINT CITYA tlantic County0122 VENTNOR CITYA tlantic County0123 WEYMOUTH TWPA tlantic County0201 ALLENDALE BOROB ergen County0202 ALPINE BOROB ergen County0203 BERGENFIELD BOROB ergen County0204 BOGOTA BOROB ergen County0205 CARLSTADT BOROB ergen County0206 CLIFFSIDE PARK BOROB ergen County0207 CLOSTER BOROB ergen County0208 CRESSKILL BOROB ergen County0209 DEMAREST BOROB ergen County0210 DUMONT BOROB ergen County0211 ELMWOOD PARK BOROB ergen County0212E RUTHERFORD BOROB ergen County0213 EDGEWATER BOROB ergen County0214 EMERSON BOROB ergen County0215 ENGLEWOOD CITYB ergen County0216 ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS BOROB ergen County0217 FAIRLAWN BOROB ergen COUNTY

CODE MUNICIPALITY COUNTY 0101 ABSECON CITY Atlantic County 0102 ATLANTIC CITY CITY Atlantic County 0103 BRIGANTINE CITY Atlantic County 0104 BUENA BORO Atlantic County


  City, Atlantic, Atlantic city, Atlantic city atlantic city




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