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Collector Manual - Revenue Department

For official use only Government of Gujarat Collector Manual Revenue Department Government of Gujarat C O N T E N T S Chapter No. Subject Page Nos. Preamble Revenue Powers and functions Revenue Department 1 Revenue Administrative set up at Government level 1. 2 Branches of Revenue Department and their functions 3. 3 Head of Departments under Revenue Department 18. Collector : Functions 4 Collector 31. 5 Collector Implementation of various Acts 43. 6 Collector Coordination with other Government Departments 45. 7 Collector and Committees under The Chairmanship of Collector 46.

Collector Manual 1 Chapter 1 Administrative setup of Revenue Department at Government level. We are aware that much before 300 BC, Kautilya has described in Arthshastra, how


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Transcription of Collector Manual - Revenue Department

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