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Confirmatory Factor Analysis with R - University at Albany, …

Confirmatory Factor Analysis with RA Draft document usinglavaan,sem, andOpenMxBruce Dudek2019-07-11 ContentsPreface31 Introduction and R Caveat on this document.. Resources..52 Prepare and Describe the The Data Set.. Numeric and Graphical Description of the Data.. Bivariate Characteristics of the data set.. Covariances and Zero Order Correlations..133 Using the lavaan package for Implement the CFA, First Model.. Generate a second model and compare.. Compare Model 1 and Model 2.. An additional perspective on estimation and optimization.

Jul 11, 2019 · Analysis class in the Psychology Department at the University at Albany. The data set is the WISC-R data set that the multivariate statistics textbook by the Tabachnick textbook (Tabachnick et al., 2019) employs for confirmatory factor analysis illustration. The goal of this document is to outline rudiments of Confirmatory


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Transcription of Confirmatory Factor Analysis with R - University at Albany, …

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