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COOL-CORE FLUID - Euroline – US Importer of …

Technical information COOL-CORE FLUID . Coolant additive for motor spindle systems Formulated for Step Tec Description Application COOL-CORE FLUID is used as an anti-corrosion addi- Only drinking water is acceptable for use when tive in motor spindle cooling systems. The substances preparing COOL-CORE FLUID and this water must not it contains passivate the various materials and provide exceed the following limits: long-term protection against corrosion. COOL-CORE . FLUID is particularly useful for problem-free cooling of - Water hardness mmol/l drive shafts where high-power fast-turning motor spin- - Chloride 100 ppm dles are used. The additive can naturally also be used in - Sulphate 100 ppm systems that operate under less heavy loads. Mix one part of COOL-CORE FLUID with two parts Advantages (1/3:2/3) of drinking water. Only use clean containers for Prevents electrochemical corrosion preparing the mixture. Pour the mixture into the Protects aluminium, ferrous and non-ferrous metals prepared cooling system immediately.

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