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(Corrected Copy) Service Bulletin - Unison Industries

SLICKS ervice BulletinSB2-08A (Corrected Copy) Unison Industries530 Blackhawk Park AvenueRockford, Illinois, 61104 2008 Unison Industries , LLCISSUEDMO DAY YR050208 REVISEDMO DAY YR070108 PAGE of 2 Unison PROPRIETARY INFORMATIONThe information contained in this document is Unison proprietary information and is disclosed in is the property of Unison and shall not be used, disclosed to others or reproduced without the expresswritten consent of Unison . If consent is given for reproduction in whole or in part, this notice and the notice setforth on each page of this document shall appear in any such reproduction in whole or in part. The informationcontained in this document may also be controlled by export control laws. Unauthorized export orre-export is : Aircraft manufacturers, distributors, dealers, engine overhaul facilities, owners andoperators of Slick Aircraft Products aircraft :Mandatory inspections on all Slick 4300/6300 and LASAR 4700/6700 magnetosMAGNETO MODELSAFFECTED: Slick and LASAR magnetos with serial numbers beginning with 0610 XXXX through0804 XXXX.

SLICK Service Bulletin SB2-08A (Corrected Copy) Unison Industries 530 Blackhawk Park Avenue Rockford, Illinois, U.S.A. 61104 2008 Unison Industries, LLC


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Transcription of (Corrected Copy) Service Bulletin - Unison Industries

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