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COVIDIEN , COVIDIEN with logo and marked brands are trademarks of COVIDIEN AG or an affiliate. 2007 COVIDIEN AG or an affiliate. All rights reserved. surgical suction solutions M-CT-VVUe02/GB Rev. 2007/08 TY0576. COVIDIEN (UK) 154 Fareham Road +44 (0)1329 224 000 [t] Commercial Ltd. Gosport +44 (0)1329 224 334 [f]. Hampshire PO13 0AS. United Kingdom 2. Total suction solutions from Patient to Wall 04 Argyle surgical suction Cannulas 10 VITAL VUE surgical Instrument 16 Argyle Tracheobronchial suction Catheters 22 SEP-T-VAC Collection System 28 Argyle Connecting Tubing Contents 2 3.

2 Surgical Suction Solutions 154 Fareham Road Gosport Hampshire PO13 0AS United Kingdom Covidien (UK) Commercial Ltd. +44 (0)1329 224 000 [t] +44 (0)1329 224 334 [f]


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