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Daniel J. O'Connor Jr. - Franklin County

STATE OF OHIO LIVING WILL PACKET Includes: Choices - Living Well at the End of Life Living Will Declaration Health Care Power of Attorney Franklin County Recorder Revised May 2015 Daniel J. O'Connor Jr. 373 South High Street, 18th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215 CLiAdSixthChoivingvance Dh Edition oicg WDirectivces Well aes Packat thket he E End d of Lifee The Midwof the OhiOsteopathDirectivesAssociatioAttorney fOrders, a Health Caforms coneffective Mwest Care Ao State Mehic Associas Packet: Con for providforms. The Donor Regare Power onform with tMarch 2014 Alliance expedical Assocation for thehoices, Lividing the legpacket inclgistry Enrollof Attorney he requirem4. resses deeciation, the ir efforts in ing Well at gal languagudes informlment Formforms. Thements of Ohep appreciatOhio Hospthe develothe End of ge for the Lmation regam and one c Living Willhio s AdvanMidwes2233 S3401 H155 O53 WesPO and grpital Associopment andLife.

iving Will ey? ns and a wishes on with the s the most r wishes if should be hicles. I don’t port are that pones death ain. You edication keep you h a Health on you nam s may not in. r Qu ere l and Hea e ur . e Q: Wh a H A: It is bec med you com perm hav dyin phy reas be h A H effe unc mad tem surg Car deci If y term beco Wil wish Q: Ca Po cri ...






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Transcription of Daniel J. O'Connor Jr. - Franklin County