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Delivery of devolved Social Security benefits: Stakeholder ...

Delivery of devolved Social Security benefits Stakeholder Toolkit Revised Version December 2019. CONTENTS. Purpose Overview: Delivery of devolved benefits o What has happened so far? o What's next? Delivery timetable o What is happening and when Factsheets o Background o Factsheet 1: What has happened so far o Factsheet 2: Plans for 2020. o Factsheet 3: Delivery of disability and carers benefits o Factsheet 4: Disability Assistance assessments o Factsheet 5: Disability Assistance awards and entitlements o Factsheet 6: Disability Assistance qualifying periods o Factsheet 7: Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit o Factsheet 8: Severe Disablement Allowance o Factsheet 9: Short-term assistance o Factsheet 10: Social Security case transfer o Factsheet 11: Support for carers o Factsheet 12: Terminal Illness and Definition and Rules o Factsheet 13: Cold Spell and Winter Heating Assistance o Factsh

3 This stakeholder toolkit is designed for all public, third sector and charitable organisations who are involved in the delivery of, or providing




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