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Deploy AlphaCom XE - STENTOFON …

Deploy AlphaCom XE. Analyzing impact on IP infrastructure TV. PA. Computer Alarm LAN. Telephone Intercom CCTV. NETWORK DESIGN A100K10313 Publication log Version Date Modifications First issue, complete New front and back, no change in text. Updated to AlphaCom XE. Zenitel Norway AS and its country offices assume no responsibilities for any errors that may appear in this publication, or for damages arising from the information in it. No information in this publication should be regarded as a warranty made by Zenitel Norway AS. The information in this publication may be updated or changed without notice. Product names mentioned in this publication may be trademarks; they are used only for identification. Zenitel Norway AS, May 2006. Page 2 Network Design Guide A100K 10313 Table of Contents 1 Introduction .. 4. AlphaCom and IP .. 4. Scope of document .. 4. 2 Basics of 5. Introduction to IP Networks .. 5. 5. Wide Area Networks (WAN) .. 5. Local Area Networks (LAN).

Page 4 Network Design Guide A100K 10313 v.1.2 1 Introduction 1.1 AlphaCom and IP The STENTOFON AlphaCom is recognized for its unique capabilities,


  Deploy, Deploy alphacom xe, Alphacom




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Transcription of Deploy AlphaCom XE - STENTOFON …

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