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Diagnóstico y manejo de la colestasis intrahepática …

ACTA M DICA GRUPO NGELES. Volumen 11, No. 1, enero-marzo 201317 ART CULO DE REVISI stico y manejo de la colestasis intrahep tica del embarazo. Reporte de un caso y revisi n de la literaturaJacqueline Jhoanna Maya Qui ones,* Daniel Silverio Z iga Lara, Jos Luis Maya Qui ones SummaryThe intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy is a reversible form of cholestasis which occurs during the second and third trimesters. It is characterized by generalized pruritus prevailing in palms and soles accompanied by an elevation in serum levels of bile acids. It does not involves maternal risk, however there is an increased risk of adverse fetal outcomes, mainly preterm birth, amniotic meconium stain-ing and death in utero.

Diagnóstico y manejo de la colestasis intrahepática del embarazo ACTA MÉDICA GRUPO ÁNGELES.Volumen 11, No. 1, enero-marzo 2013 19 www.medigraphic.org.mx más que el ácido quenodesoxicólico, resultando en una




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Transcription of Diagnóstico y manejo de la colestasis intrahepática …