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Directory Station Penn Station, NY - NJ Transit

penn Station , LevelLower LevelVENDOR INFORMATIONFOOD CONCOURSE LEVEL Auntie Anne s (3 locations) .. Amtrak/NJ Transit Upper (2 locations) .. Exit Concourse/LIRR LowerAu Bon Pain .. LIRR LowerCaruso Pizza .. LIRR LowerCarvel .. LIRR LowerCentral Market .. LIRR Lower Chickpea (1 location) .. Amtrak/NJ Transit Upper (1 location) .. LIRR LowerCinnabon .. LIRR LowerCocoMoko Cafe .. Amtrak/NJ Transit UpperColombo Yogurt .. LIRR LowerCookie Exit Concourse LowerDon Pepi Amtrak/NJ Transit UpperDon Pepi Express (cart) .. LIRR Lower Don Pepi Pizza .. Amtrak/NJ Transit UpperDunkin Donuts (3 locations).. Amtrak/NJ Transit UpperHaagen D Amtrak/NJ Transit UpperHot & Crusty .. LIRR LowerJamba LIRR LowerKabooz s .. Amtrak/NJ Transit UpperKFC (1 location) .. Amtrak/NJ Transit Upper (1 location) .. LIRR LowerKnot Just LIRR LowerKrispy Kreme Amtrak/NJ Transit UpperLe Bon Cafe.

njtransit.com Penn Station, NY Station Directory Upper Level Lower Level VENDOR INFORMATION FOOD CONCOURSE LEVEL Auntie Anne’s (3 locations) ..... Amtrak/NJ TRANSIT


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Transcription of Directory Station Penn Station, NY - NJ Transit

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