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E1-MNL032A - Chemstations

DESIGN AND RATING shell AND TUBE heat EXCHANGERS By John E. Edwards Design and Rating of shell and Tube heat Exchangers PAGE 2 OF 30 MNL 032A Issued 29 August 08, Prepared by of P & I Design Ltd, Teesside, UK Contents Introduction Fundamentals Basic Theory heat Transfer Model Selection Design Guidelines Appendices I Thermal Design Models Synopsis II CC-THERM User Guidelines III Thermal Model Selection IV Shortcut heat Exchanger Design V TEMA heat Exchanger Layout Designation VI Typical Overall heat Transfer Coefficients VII Typical Resistance Fouling Coefficients VIII LMTD Correction Factor Ft IX Wolverine Tube General Details X Midland Wire Cordage Turbulator Details XI Tube Dimensional

Design and Rating of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers PAGE 6 OF 30 MNL 032A Issued 29 August 08, Prepared by J.E.Edwards of P & I Design Ltd, Teesside, UK www.pidesign.co.uk


  Tubes, Heat, Shell, Shell and tube heat, Chemstation




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Transcription of E1-MNL032A - Chemstations

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