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Edinburgh Campus CAR PARKING MAP Car …

Boundary Road NorthGait 3 Gait 4 Gait 2 Gait 1 Gait 5 Gait 7 Gait 6 Gait 8 Gait 10 NurseryChaplaincyLibraryLord BalernoJames Watt CentreLeonard Horner HallStudent UnionLord Home HallChristina Miller HallsRobin Smith HallGeorge Burnett HallLord Thomson HallMedical CentreOriamLyell CentreEdinburgh Business SchoolCentre for Sport and ExerciseRobert BrysonHallThe AvenueCampus EntranceBoundary Road EastCameron Smail RoadGait 11 Gait 9 Main ReceptionHugh NisbetBuildingGait 12 Gait 14 Gait 13 Gait 15 Gait 16 Car Park ACar Park MCar Park NCar Park PCar Park QCar Park RCar Park SCar Park CCar Park BCar Park KCar Park LCar Park JCar Park HAnna Macleod HallMuriel Spark HallMary Fergusson HallCAR PARKING MAP Our car PARKING map shows the location of our car parks as well as PARKING areas for disabled drivers, bus stops, academic and central service buildings and cycle facilities.

Boundary Road North Gait 3 Gait 4 Gait 2 Gait 1 Gait 5 Gait 7 Gait 6 Gait 8 Gait 10 Nursery Chaplaincy Library Lord Balerno James Watt Centre Leonard Horner


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