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Education in Tanzania - nyu.edu

Education in Tanzania Kitanda usichokilalia humjui kunguni wake . You Cannot Know The Bugs Of A Bed Until You Have Laid Upon It Marie Yahl 1. Mwana unleavyo ndivyo akuavo . As you Bring A Child Up, So He Will Be Imagine you are in grade school. You are about 12-13 years old, have just completed your primary Education , and are about to transition into a new and exciting period of your life as you enter secondary school or high school if you are a student from the United States. You will be going to a new school and do not know what to expect, you are feeling nervous excitement. It is your first day of school and to your surprise, your classes are taught in a completely different language! You've had some lessons in this foreign language, but you certainly do not speak it, nor can you read it. What would you do in this situation and who could you turn to for help? Imagine how limited your opportunities would be if your Education ended abruptly at the high school level because of a language barrier.

2 secondary school education that will ultimately result in growth and development for the country? It seems an education system set …






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